YGQ Solutions

Creativity & Conservation

Where Innovation Drives Commerce.

Where Creativity & Conservation Meets Business:

Integrating innovative ideas with sound business strategies, our approach merges creativity and entrepreneurship to cultivate successful ventures. We transform innovative concepts into thriving business realities, bridging the gap between imagination and profitability.

YGQ Solutions is also creating a bridge between wildlife conservation and business, by means of photography, sponsoring, being an ambassador, etc. of our wonderful animals and nature overall. Introduce nature to the business and the business to nature, as without wildlife and nature we would not exist.


In the realm of artistry and design, there are individuals whose creative prowess transcends boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the visual landscape. One such luminary is Malou, an artist known for crafting the captivating YGQ Solutions logo and creating mesmerizing paintings showcased on the website www.pimpalou.be.



Malou’s talent shines through in the meticulous design of the YGQ Solutions logo. The logo, a visual representation of the company’s identity, reflects Malou’s ability to seamlessly blend creativity with the essence of a brand. The choice of colors, shapes, and symbolism within the logo conveys a story, capturing the spirit of YGQ Solutions in a single image.


Through Malou’s artistic lens, the logo becomes more than just a visual element; it becomes a testament to the symbiotic relationship between art and corporate identity.


Discover Malou’s diverse artistic brilliance at www.pimpalou.be.




Charities & Wildlife Conservation

Farm Flora VZW

Farm Flora is a small sanctuary in Belgium, who are giving a loving home to abused, disabled, … farm animals and dogs.

Love Lions Alive

Love Lions Alive Sanctuary in South Africa, founded by Andi Rive, provides lions and other big cats a loving, secure and natural forever home. Allowing them to be a lion or big cat again, after coming from a rough start in life (ex. kept as a pet).


Four Paws International is a global organisation helping animals (domestic and wildlife) all over the world, by being their voice, rescue them from conflict zones, etc.